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Delivery Slot Help!!!!

When should I order to get the goods on the same day?

Order before 0800 hours to get your order in the evening slot.

I am ordering before the cut off time but still my preferred delivery slot is not available to me. Why?

We have limited capacity per slot for order delivery. We don't want to make false promises of delivery time. Thus, if our capacity limits have crossed for that particular slot, please choose the next suitable slot.

Why is the order for Fruits and Vegetables never delivered the same day?

It is common knowledge that best fruits and vegetables are always available in the morning. That is when we do shopping for you to be able to get the freshest veggies and fruits. We don't believe in delivering sub standard goods thus, there should be one morning between your order time and our delivery time. Further, if you are choosing a delivery time 2 or 3 days from now, don't worry, we only shop for your veggies and fruits on the day of the delivery.

Till when can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order till 1200 hours on the day of the delivery, if the delivery is in the evening. In any other cases, you need to cancel the order at 1200 hours on the day prior to your delivery day.

Till when can I reschedule my order for a later slot?

You can reschedule your order delivery for a later slot before two hours of your scheduled delivery slot. However, we do not reschedule the orders for earlier slots.